About Us

Established about three decades ago, Nuhydro has grown to become pioneer in development & production of industrial Cardan shafts / Driveshafts / Propeller shafts with well manufacturing plants in New Delhi, India. A long history in business and adherence to the highest quality standards make, Nuhydro Automation Products, enjoys market leadership in the domestic market.

Nuhydro market coverage is not limited to north India but all over the country for which compliance to all standards like ISO is adhered as required. Nuhydro has the capacity to produce cardan shafts from torque capacity 570 Nm to 180KNm. Apart from our standard range Nuhydro can also manufacture Cardan Shaft as per customer requirement of torque or provided drawing.

Nuhydro Automation Products group is also a forerunner in developing new standards in the field through active participation in the apex national standards body in India. Nuhydro Automation Products is now considered to be the biggest Indian manufacturers of cardan shafts. Our key competence lies in adhering to committed product quality, strong interface with customers and flexibility to meet customers’ requirements

The foundation of the company's growth over the last 30 years is a deep understanding of our goodwill in the market. Nuhydro Automation Products combines innovative global delivery, quality leadership, and robust processes to take the surprise out of projects. These have helped us set benchmarks in execution excellence that has translated into measurable results for our customers

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